Smiles 4 Lunch
We believe most moms would agree that getting kids to eat vegetables can often times be a difficult task. So we decided to pull out a few tricks from under our sleeve to make... Continue reading »
A 70 year commitment to hen health and well-being
Looking back today it seems hard to believe that a high school science project in 1943 was the catalyst for what has become Canada’s largest family owned and operated egg producer, Burnbrae Farms. Our... Continue reading »
Healthy choices for a gluten-free diet
Finding gluten-free foods can be a challenge for people who need to avoid gluten. This includes anyone who has celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Fortunately, the growing number gluten-free food options, such as Burnbrae... Continue reading »

Campfire Foil Packet Recipes

Camping is a season favourite for many families, and everyone knows that a big part of the authentic camping experience... Continue reading »

Aviary Free Run Layer Barn

Burnbrae Farms Free Run Omega 3™ and Naturegg Free Run™ eggs are produced by hens that are free to roam... Continue reading »

Gluten-free Quick and Easy Burger Buns

Using few ingredients and little prep time, here is a recipe for nutritious burger buns just in time for barbecue... Continue reading »

Campfire Cooking with Eggs!

Schools out and vacation has begun. Let’s go camping! You’ve chosen your favorite park and campground, the car is packed... Continue reading »

Avian Influenza in the North American Poultry Industry

In late 2014, a very highly pathogenic form of avian influenza (H5N2) was found in some domestic poultry on the... Continue reading »

Biosecurity - what does it mean?

In late 2014, Canada and the United States started to see a very highly pathogenic form of avian influenza (AI)... Continue reading »

Burnbrae is proud to sponsor Tim Nedow

We’d like to introduce one of our sponsored athletes, Tim Nedow. Tim is a native of Brockville, Ontario and a... Continue reading »