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Egg Creations is the latest liquid egg offering from Burnbrae Farms, proud egg producers of a wide variety of egg products such as Naturegg Omega 3, Omega Pro, Organic, Free Run and Naturegg liquid eggs, Simply Egg Whites and Omega Pro Liquid Eggs.

Egg Creations come in four delicious and popular flavours providing variety to your eggs. (Original, Cheese and Chives, Garden Vegetable and Southwestern). Made from real egg whites and other wholesome ingredients, Egg Creations can help you pull together a quick and nutritious meal. Ideal for scrambling, omelettes, quiches and more.

It’s also important to know that Egg Creations is cholesterol and fat free making it perfect for those on cholesterol or fat reduced diets or just watching their diet for lifestyle reasons. And, Egg Creations is a source of the same eleven vitamins and nutrients.

Egg Creations (Original)
Per 63 g (1/4 cup) serving
Shelled Eggs
Per 1 large 53 g egg
30 70
Total Fat
0 g 5 g
0 g 195 g
6 g 6 g
Percentage of Recommended Daily Intake
Vitamin A
25 % 10 %
2 % 2 %
8 % 6 %
Vitamin E
15 % 15 %
2 % 2 %
15 % 15 %
20 % 8 %
Vitamin B6
8 % 2 %
8 % 15 %
Vitamin B12
60 % 50 %
Pantothenate Acid
20 % 20 %
8 % 6 %
15 % 6 %

Diets low in saturated and trans fats may reduce the risk of heart disease. Egg Creations is fat free. Best of all though, all of our Egg Creations taste like whole shell eggs.

Per 63 g (1/4 cup) serving
Cholesterol free
Fat free
Excellent source of protein
Source of 11 vitamins and minerals.
Flavour variety
Original can be used to replace whole shell eggs in your baking.
Pasteurized for safety
Can be frozen for up to 3 months before Expiry Date
Ready to use in a convenient liquid format

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Original is made from real egg whites and other ingredients to provide a full accompaniment of important vitamins and minerals. This product can be used not only on its own in making many of your favourite egg dishes but also in any of your cooking or baking recipes where whole egg is called for.

Cheese and Chives is made from real egg whites, cheese and chives to provide a ready-made egg treat. Perfect for scrambled eggs, omelettes and in recipes.

Fresh green and red peppers, onions and celery, real egg whites and you've got a special egg dish and the best part of all is that you just shake and pour.

Spice up your eggs with Egg Creations Southwestern. Garden vegetables like red and green peppers and zesty spices make for a different and delicious egg dish.
To view the nutrition facts, click on the product:

63 g (1/4 cup) equals one serving
1 carton or 500 mL is equivalent to approximately 9 large (53 g) eggs
1 large (53 g) egg
equals 3 tbsp & 2 tsp


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Egg Creations are convenient. With a choice of four flavours it’s easy to make a simple egg dish special. It’s also good to know that Egg Creations are cholesterol and fat free with 11 vitamins and minerals making them a healthy additional to your life style.
Egg Creations Original can be used in any dish or recipe calling for whole beaten shell eggs. Original, Cheese and Chives, Garden Vegetable and Southwestern make tasty scrambled eggs, terrific omelettes, quiches, and so much more.
Pour 1/2 cup (125 mL) liquid eggs into a microwave-safe bowl. Cover with a lid or plate. Cook on MED-HIGH for 60 seconds or until almost set; break up egg with a fork. Cook, covered, on MED-HIGH for 10 seconds or until set. Fluff with a fork and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Tip: For creamier eggs, stir in 1 tbsp (15 mL) of milk before cooking.

NOTE: Microwave ovens may vary in power. The microwave used for this test was 1200 W.

Egg Creations is packaged in a 500 mL carton that’s safety seal is automatically punctured when the cap is twisted.  Twisting the cap cracks open the lid around the neck of the container and this in turn pushes down the safety tab into the carton.  Click here to view an online demonstration of how the safety seal works.