Nov. 15, 2016

An egg is an egg is an egg, right? You might be surprised!

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When the Hudson family started providing eggs to Canadian families more than seven decades ago, we produced only one type of egg. Consumers today want more choices and we’re offering more egg choices than ever before.

Whether it’s conventional white, free run, organic or nutritionally-enriched eggs, Burnbrae Farms is proud to offer a variety to meet consumer preferences. Our focus is on producing nutritious, wholesome, affordable eggs for you and your family.

Just as people choose certain foods for different benefits, hens are fed food that enhances the nutritional content of their eggs. Our organic eggs come from free range hens fed a diet of grains certified organic by Ecocert Canada. Omega-3 eggs are laid by hens fed a multi-grain diet, and their diets also include added flaxseed, which modifies the fat in the yolk to contain omega-3 fats and less saturated fats. Our lutein-enhanced eggs come from hens fed a multi-grain diet that also contains marigold extract and additional vitamins. Lutein is an antioxidant important for eye health.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to provide more choices for our customers. The Hudson family takes pride in Burnbrae’s recognition – more than a dozen times – by the Canadian Grand Prix New Product Awards for innovations in eggs that make it easier for Canadians to eat better.

Our eggs come from hens kept in a variety of housing systems. You can learn more about the different ways hens are housed by clicking here . Whether its conventional housing, enriched housing or free-run housing, rest assured the health and well-being of the hens is a top priority for everyone in the Burnbrae Farms family.

Choice in the marketplace is a good thing, and we know consumers rely on us to provide eggs that meet their individual needs and preferences. Regardless of the hen’s diet or housing environment, our customers can be assured they’re getting a safe, affordable, wholesome and nutritious product.