Dec. 7, 2019

Eggs: Good Nutrition for Teens

Health & Nutrition

Many body-conscious teenagers might be surprised to learn that the morning meal they so often skip could actually help keep them lean. And because eggs are an excellent source of protein and chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, they’re a great choice for growing teens. Here’s what the research tells us about the benefits of breakfast for teens, plus some ideas to get them to eat breakfast.

Healthy Weights

A recent study confirms previous findings that teens that eat breakfast regularly tend to weigh less than than their peers who skip breakfast.This study also found that regular breakfast eating is linked with a better overall heart health profile in teens. An earlier study found that teenagers who frequently skipped breakfast tended to be heavier than those who usually ate a morning meal. Interestingly, regular breakfast eaters also tended to be much more physically active.This may be because they had more energy and did not feel so sluggish.

Better Nutrition

Eating a healthy breakfast can help teens get off to a good start, boosting both their energy and focus . A wealth of evidence shows that youth who eat breakfast on a consistent basis get more of the energy and nutrients they need.And research shows breakfast helps promote better academic performance.

Protein for a Better Breakfast

In another study eating a protein-rich breakfast increased fullness more than a normal-protein breakfast, in teens who usually skipped breakfast. And with the higher protein breakfast teens ate about 130 fewer calories at lunch.

Overcoming Excuses

As teenagers grow up, they naturally make more of their own food choices. But parents still have an important role to play in encouraging teens to eat a balanced breakfast. Making breakfast a family affair with healthy choices is a good place to start. And eggs make sense as a simple, versatile, nutritious and affordable way to include protein.

Try these ideas to help overcome some common breakfast-skipping excuses.