April 25, 2022

Grow Your Own Cress Egg Heads


What better way to start spring than with planting some of your own seeds and watching them grow! This May, I wanted to get a little creative when it came to my springtime planting. I came across the cutest little kitchen window-sill cress growing craft, and simply had to take part. What I didn’t expect was the sheer joy I got in watching it grow every day! From seeds to a full head of hair, my little egg heads sprouted faster than ever! Probably because of the healthy Omega 3 eggshells they were growing in - all those nutrients were sure to give them the extra boost for a speedy growth! 😉

Add some fun decor to your kitchen window-sill this spring and don’t forget to enjoy the eggs themselves – I like them poached, fried or scrambled on toast!

Here's the step-by-step instructions on how to grow your own cress egg heads:

What You Need:

1 carton of Burnbrae Farms Omega 3 Eggs
Cress seeds
Pens, paint, or whatever you want to decorate!
3-4 peat pellets (1 peat pellet / 2 eggs)

How To:

1) Use a knife to remove top 1/3 of eggshell.
2) Place egg contents (yolks and whites) in a Tupperware container for later. Never waste a delicious egg!
3) Rinse your eggshells with warm water and set upside down on paper towel to dry.
4) Once dry, decorate each egg head however you wish. I chose to keep it simple, but feel free to get as creative as you can.
5) Allow your decorations to fully dry.
6) Cut your peat pellet in half (each egg will only fit half of a peat pellet)
7) Wet your seedling starter and squeeze out excess water.
8) Place 1/2 peat pellet inside 1 eggshell.
9) Sprinkle cress seeds inside the eggshell and gently press into the peat pellet.
10) Place egg heads in a warm and sunny place like your kitchen window-sill and add drops of water to them each day.
11) Watch them grow and enjoy!