March 19, 2021

Sponsored Athletes Blog Post


At Burnbrae Farms, we believe in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition. To support this mission, we sponsor athletes that compete on behalf of Canada on both the local and international stage. These athletes exemplify healthy lifestyles through physical activity by practicing their sport and fueling their bodies with a healthy diet, including nutritious, protein-packed eggs of course! Here’s an update on our sponsored athletes: Conlin McCabe, Tim Nedow, and Jennifer Casson!

Conlin McCabe:

Conlin grew up in Brockville, Ontario where he first started rowing at the age of 10 at summer camp.  He fell in love with the sport and by the time he was 18, he was competing on the national level.  In 2012, he won a Silver Medal at the London Summer Olympic Games and 2 Gold Medals at the 2015 Pan American Games.  With his sights set on the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, Conlin has been on a rigorous 6-day a week training schedule where he burns on average 5000 calories a day!  To fuel his intensive workouts, Conlin eats about 28 eggs per week or 4 eggs a day!  His favourite thing about eggs is the versatility.  There are so many ways to eat them – hard boiled for portable protein, omelettes, baking and poached.  In addition, it’s impossible to ignore all of the health benefits from having eggs in your diet.  A great source of lean protein (the white) and yolk for protein synthesis and repair, source of choline for healthy cell membranes and brain function, high in B vitamins necessary for cellular metabolism (help the body to breakdown macronutrients into energy and a great source of antioxidants important for eye health (Lutein and Zeaxanthin)). They help improve satiety (feelings of fullness) and can help with body composition management.  With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that Conlin incorporates them into his diet!

We are very proud of Conlin and we wish him the best of luck in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games where he will be competing for Canada!

Tim Nedow:

Tim grew up in Brockville, Ontario where he attended Thousand Islands Secondary School, which is known for its prestigious track and field program.  He has been competing in track and field events since elementary school and specifically focused on shot put once he was finished school at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.  In the 2014 Commonwealth Games, he achieved a Bronze Medal for Canada and finished 16 th place in the qualifying round at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  To train for the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games, Tim incorporates an intense throwing session 3x a week as well as gym session 4x a week.  On top of that he also finds time to implement a cardio activity day in his busy schedule.  Nutrition plays a crucial role in an athlete’s success so they do everything they can to maximize their nutrition intake.  Tim eats around 6 eggs a day scrambled with some veggies but recently, he has switched up to an egg white smoothie adding oats, spinach, berries, banana, whey protein and peanut butter.  He enjoys them because they are so easy and convenient to eat or drink.  It takes just a few minutes to prepare yourself a healthy form of protein that tastes great.

We wish Tim the best of luck in the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games!

Jennifer Casson:

Jennifer was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario where she developed a huge appreciation for dairy, eggs, and livestock farming.  Growing up, it was important for her and her family to maintain well balanced diets and to this day, she continues to eat well.  Being an Olympic Lightweight Rower, she is very particular about her diet.  In order to fuel herself for intense training regiments, she relies on balanced foods to provide her the best nutrients, protein and caloric ratios to suit her needs.  Lightweight rowers are required to compete at a specific weight so its important that she maintains her lean figure by eating healthy and ensuring that her diet is jam packed with nutrition. Eggs provide a perfect source of protein, calories and vitamins which is why she has them at the top of her “must haves”.  She relies on egg whites in her oatmeal and smoothies as well as hard and soft-boiled eggs for a quick snack.

We are very happy to have Jennifer join the Burnbrae Farms Family and we wish her the best of luck on her journey to the 2021 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games!