Nov. 23, 2021

The Elf on the Shell-f Craft

Products & Recipes

(makes four elves)

What You Need:

1 sheet each: red & green paper
1 sheet of black felt
1 container each of: beige, green & red paint
8 black pipe cleaners
8 googly eyes
glue gun
pair of scissors
black permanent marker
1 Burnbrae Farms fibre egg carton


Step One:

To make the elves’ heads and bodies, cut eight cups out of the carton and neaten the edges. Paint two of the cups red and two of the cups green, these will be the bottoms. Paint the remaining four cups beige, these will be the heads. Let them dry.

Step Two:

To make the cone hats, cut four circles out of red and green paper. The circles should have a diameter of approximately 16 cm / 6 in. Cut a slit into the middle of each of the circles, and then roll them into a cone shape. Use your hot glue gun to glue the edges of the cones.

Step Three:

Glue the hats onto the closed end of the four non-painted cups. Glue the googly eyes on the faces and then use your permanent marker to draw the mouths onto the elves.

Step Four:

Glue the painted egg cartons to their corresponding heads, connecting the hollow sides. Don’t worry if there are some big gaps between the two cups, the belts will cover them up! Cut out long strands of black felt, and glue them around the gap between the elves’ heads and bodies, making belts.

Step Five:

To make their legs, cut four pipe cleaners in half, and then cut out eight little felt circles for the feet. Glue the circles close to the ends of each of the pipe cleaners and leave a small space beyond the felt circles to curl up the pipe cleaners and make pointed shoes.

Step Six:

Cut the remaining 4 pipe cleaners into shorter lengths for their arms. Glue them onto the elves’ bodies, and shape them as you wish.

Step Seven:

Find a special place to put your new creations. Put them on display to show off your creativity and holiday spirit!