April 7, 2017

The Versatility of Eggs & Healthy Brunch Ideas by Doug Cook RD, MHSc

Health & Nutrition

If you’re looking for ways to add high quality nutrition to your diet, chances are you don’t have to look much further than your fridge. Eggs are probably part of your culinary repertoire and with good reason, eggs are easy to use and they taste great. But what you may have forgotten is that eggs, rich in many vitamins such as B2, B3 and folate, minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and selenium and muscle-building protein, are one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

Burnbrae Farms is committed to offering consumers a range of shelled egg products to suit almost every preference whether that’s organic, free run or omega-3 enriched. Some of my favourite ones include Nature’s Best. While a great source of several vitamins and minerals, Nature’s Best eggs come from hens fed a feed enriched with vitamins D, E and B12. One large egg provides 25% of the daily value for vitamin D, three times more vitamin E and 60% more vitamin B12 than regular eggs.

Naturegg Organic eggs are produced from free-range hens that live in open-concept barns and weather permitting, have access to the great outdoors. Organic eggs have the same nutritional profile as regular eggs but are fed a vegetarian, multi-grain feed grown on land where herbicides, pesticides or preservatives have not been used for at least 3 years.

Not to be out-done, the Naturegg Omega Plus eggs offer a little extra something as well; each large egg provides 20% of the recommended intake of omega-3 fats of which 125 mg is DHA; a critical nutrient for both brain and eye health at every stage of life. These eggs are also a great source of another eye-loving nutrient, lutein.

Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Healthy eating is never out of season but holiday schedules and stress can take their toll on our best intentions. Eating balanced, nutritious meals is important to give us the energy we need and to balance the extra treats that are part of every holiday celebration and Easter is no exception. Be sure to have quick and easy meal and snack ideas and items on hand to help make healthy eating a breeze.

And if you think healthy eating can’t taste great, guess again! Because eggs are so easy to cook with, they can be used in recipes for any meal or snack, not many foods can boast that kind of versatility. This Savoury Easter Egg Torta is not your run of the mill meat pie. Try boosting the nutritional content by using one of Naturegg’s enhanced eggs like Nature’s Best, Omega-3 or Omega Plus. If you’re looking for a fun way to surprise the family or guests, give them something to talk about with these Cheddar-Herb Egg Stuffed Muffins .

Simply put, eggs are nutritious and in many ways can be considered nature’s perfect food. Regardless of the type of egg you choose, they are an affordable and easy way to provide quality nutrition to you and your family during the Easter season or any time of the year.