Savoury Nacho French Toast

Forget your usual breakfast routine, make this morning a fiesta!

  • Prep time: 10 min
  • Makes: 4 servings
  • Cook time: 4 min

Nutritional Information


  • Calories
  • Fat
    3 g
  • Cholesterol
    53 mg
  • Carbohydrates
    18 g
  • Dietary Fibre
    2 g
  • Protein
    10 g


1 cup / 250 g Naturegg Omega Plus cracked eggs, well shaken
1 tbsp / 15 ml chili powder
1 pinch salt and pepper
4 slices of Italian bread ( 1/2”/1 cm thick)
2 tbsp / 30 ml shredded light cheddar cheese
1 green onion, chopped
1 plum tomato, seeded and chopped
light sour cream (optional)


  1. Whisk liquid eggs with chili powder, salt and pepper. Spray nonstick skillet or griddle with cooking spray; heat over medium-high heat.

  2. Dip bread slices, one at a time, in egg mixture until well coated on both sides. Place in skillet, cook 2 minutes or until golden brown. Turn; sprinkle with cheese. Cook 2 minute longer or until golden and cheese melts.

  3. Transfer to plates. Sprinkle with onion and tomato. Serve with sour cream on the side, if desired.


  1. No fresh veggies in the house? Substitute prepared salsa for green onion and tomato.

This recipe was made with:

Naturegg Omega Plus

Lower in cholesterol and fat than regular eggs.

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Tips: Cooking

To adapt your favourite recipes, start by replacing just one egg with 3 tbsp and 2 tsp/50 ml Simply Egg Whites and experiment from there.

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