4 avril 2022

Easter Egg Decorating with Jenny Casson


The fondest memories I have of Easter celebrations are both the endless varieties of chocolate available and the creative activities we always ended up doing as kids. Naturally, as a child with a constant hankering for sweets (that has not gone away), Easter festivities were never a hard sell for my parents. That being said, Easter is never Easter without some DIY arts and crafts. Decorating Easter eggs was something we always did with mom, followed by an egg scavenger hunt (rain or shine or snow) hidden by the Easter bunny (aided by my dad, of course!).

When it came to dying and decorating Easter eggs, my mom still has the eggs that I made when I was still in my single digit years. We would hang them on our cute, wired willow tree, the “Easter tree”, that was proudly displayed for everyone to see. Naturally, given the breakable nature of eggshells, we lost many eggs over the years. That being said, every year growing up we were sure to replace the ones we had lost.

No matter what, the day was spent together. We crafted, hunted, ate whatever delicious spread my mom had prepared and enjoying each other’s company. As memory (and photographs from my childhood) serves, my household’s Easter egg decorating tradition was a full-on spectacle. I loved playing with colours, designing and adding sparkles when I could to make my eggs the prettiest. Obviously, as someone who is obsessed with pink, purple and everything that sparkles, the Easter colour palate was enough joy in itself.

To bring back some fond memories this year, I took to decorating some eggs myself. My creations combine a bit of “little Jenny” for the unique creative side and “type A 26-year-old Jenny”. Although I am unsure if 26-year old Jenny is any better, this was actually really fun. I would highly recommend (no matter your age!) to get a little creative, a little messy and put a smile on your face with this timeless tradition.

Here's what you’ll need:

-     1 carton of 12 Burnbrae Farms eggs

-     Tupperware for raw egg yolk and egg white

-     Water colour paints (and a cup of water to rinse brush!)

-     Water colour fine tipped markers

-     Shredded paper (ideally Easter colours!)

-     Paper towel

-     1 sharp knife, or scissors

-     Any other fun, funky or fancy decor you think could help your eggs stand out!

The steps are easy!

1)     Buy your favourite carton of 12 Burnbrae Farms Eggs

2)     Take out 6 eggs and leave the others in the fridge to enjoy at a later date

3)     Have an adult take a pair of sharp scissors or knife, and one at a time, poke holes in both ends of the raw egg and blow out the yolk and egg white into a Tupperware container (no eggs were wasted in the making of this post, and they shouldn’t be for yours! I made a tasty omelette afterwards!)

4)     Once completed on each egg, place the egg vertically on a paper towel, and wait 20-30 minutes until dry.

5)     Prepare your “egg bed”, decorate with multicoloured shredded paper (as seen in my own creation) or any other decoration you can think of! What do you want your egg holder to look like? A farm? A chicken coop? A field? Get creative!

6)     Once your eggs are dry, choose the water colours you like the most and begin decorating! I covered each egg half and half with water colours, let that dry! Make sure each layer of paint is fully dry before you add another design, detail or colour!

7)     Once dry, draw or paint on the smaller details with fine tipped paint brushes or waterproof markers!

8)     Let your eggs fully dry and then arrange in any way you want! Take a picture and tag me and Burnbrae so we can see your magical creation come to life! :)