Nov. 15, 2016

Burnbrae Farms & Naturegg Free Run Eggs

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Burnbrae Farms Free Run Omega 3™ and Naturegg Free Run™ eggs are produced by hens that are free to roam in wide open concept barns with perches and nests. We are proud to offer a variety of egg products to suit the personal value system important to our consumers.

Alternative Hen Housing System

Hens live freely on wire or slatted floors, some with bedded areas for scratching and dust bathing in an enclosed barn. They have access to feed and water, perches for roosting and nesting areas to lay their eggs. In Canada, the majority of hens are housed indoors where they can be easily monitored daily and are safe from inclement weather, predators, and exposure to  wild birds and diseases. While this housing system offers  greater freedom of activity, it also exposes the hens to greater risks. Due to the “pecking order” (described below), access to feed and water can be more challenging. As a result, caring for birds in this system is also more labour intensive for our staff. Learn more here .

“Pecking order” – term started with chickens . . .

In free run housing systems, hens are kept in larger groups than conventional or enriched housing. After placement in the house, they quickly establish the pecking order from the more dominant hens to the least dominant, less aggressive hens. This dominance level often determines which hens get preferential access to feed, water and nesting space. As a result, aggressive behaviour amongst hens competing to be at the top of the hierarchy (or pecking order) can be a health and well-being issue for them. To help reduce bullying, all  birds receive a beak treatment at an early age. The pecking order is a reality in all hen housing systems and our job as caretakers is to limit the effects on the birds’ well being. Learn more here .

Fresh Water and Multi Grain Feed

Our hens are fed a multi-grain feed that is developed to meet the needs of the birds. They eat a balanced diet of grains, as well as vitamins and minerals. Hens also always have ready access to clean drinking water.  It is essential to keep birds cool and comfortable as some of the water they drink evaporates into the air as they exhale, creating a cooling effect.

Nesting Areas to Lay Their Eggs

Hens like laying eggs in the nesting boxes like those found in free run barns, where it is quiet, dark and they have a sense of privacy. The boxes are designed with a slightly sloping floor. Once the eggs are laid, they roll down onto a conveyor belt that takes them to a central collection room, ensuring that they are quickly collected, cooled and kept clean.

What’s in them for you?

All eggs, including our Free Run eggs are an excellent source of protein. Each 53 g egg is a source of 13 vitamins and minerals and excellent source of vitamin B12 and selenium. Burnbrae Farms Free Run Omega 3 eggs have the added benefit of omega-3 fatty acids and lutein and are  a proud supporter of green electricity with Bullfrog Power®. We hope you enjoy our Free Run eggs, which you can find at major retailers across Canada. Learn more here .