Nov. 23, 2021

Smiling EGGS2Go! Snowmen

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Makes: 6 Snowmen


3 cocktail tomatoes

12 whole pitted black olives

6 slices of green onion

2 baby carrots

18 (approx.) pretzel sticks

Optional: you may choose to substitute pretzel sticks with toothpicks


Step 1: Start by slicing your cherry tomatoes in half. Set them aside.

Step 2: Slice a small piece of one side of each whole pitted olive – these will become the top of your snowman’s hat. Use your sliced olives as the brim of the hat.

Step 3: Cut sliced olives into small cube-shaped pieces. These will become your snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons!

Step 4: Cut the green onion into long strips – about 7 inches to make your scarf

Step 5: Cut six pointed pieces of carrot to make your snowmen’s noses (Tip: if you want to use more of the carrot, you can use carrot sticks as your snowmen arms!)

Step 6: Cut small wedges into your hard boiled eggs in the places that you wish your snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons to be.

Time to assemble!

Step 7: Insert your snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons (the olives) into the wedges. Attach two EGGS2go! Hard Boiled Eggs together using pretzel sticks. Secure the hat to the snowman’s head with another pretzel stick.

Step 8: Attach your assembled snowmen to their cocktail tomato base with another pretzel stick and wrap their green onion scarves around their necks.


- If using pretzel sticks, assemble approximately an hour before eating.

- For sturdier snowmen, substitute pretzels for toothpicks – make sure to warn your guests before consumption.

Just like that you have treats to serve at holiday gatherings that are sure to be an instant success! And get creative! Substitute our EGGS2go! Omega 3 eggs with any of our flavoured Hard boiled eggs such as Dill or Salt and Pepper!