Dec. 21, 2017

Burnbrae Farms Sponsored Athletes


At Burnbrae Farms, we believe in helping people achieve a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition. We support athletes that compete in different levels and areas of sport. These athletes exemplify healthy lifestyles through physical activity by practicing their sport and fueling their bodies with a healthy diet, including eggs of course! Meet the Burnbrae Farms Sponsored Athletes.

Tim Nedow, Brockville, Ontario - Shotput

Tim began practicing shotput 15 years ago when he was in grade eight at Thousand Islands Secondary School; he credits the school as the catalyst for launching him into his sports career. He later obtained a scholarship to a school in the United-States, where he focused on track & field and by the 4 th year, he attained World and Olympic level. Tim then gained support from Canada to continue training; he was eventually able to compete for our country on an International level.

This year, Tim competed in the IAAF World Championships in London where he threw 20.09 metres. He also will compete in the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Birmingham and the 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in Australia. Tim has a rigorous training schedule, 5 times a week he hits the gym and his training includes Olympic lifting.

Tim was awarded a silver medal at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Shot Put.

“Eggs help me a lot in my nutrition goals; I’m at 300+pounds so I try to get one gram protein/ pound of body weight, so each day that’s 300 grams of protein! Each egg has 6 grams of protein, so I start with 6-7 in the morning which helps me get my protein  intake, sometime I do that twice a day! Sometime I eat a dozen per day!” says Tim, although he doesn’t recommend this diet for the average person! He loves Burnbrae Farms Omega 3 eggs, he adds a little goat cheese and spinach, scrambles it up and voilà! His all-time favorite treat is eggs benedict or even poached. In his smoothies, he supplements 2 scoops of whey protein for Simply Egg Whites .

Tim imparts us with some wisdom for the next generation, “You never know how far you can take something, if you really put effort into it and give it your all, you never know how far it can take you. I never thought I would be a world-class shot putter, but each year I got better and better, I listened to my coaches, got stronger and figured out the sport. It finally took me to where I am today”

Team Kleibrink, Edmonton, Alberta - Curling

2018 Update: After finishing a 2017 successful season, Shannon Kleibrink has retired and we wish her all the very best! We look forward to seeing the other members of the team take on new opportunities and celebrating this truly Canadian sport!

Team Kleibrink formed over three years and each member has been practicing the sport for a number of years. Last year, the team participated in the Scotties Tournament of Hearts , this coming season we will be competing in Olympic Pre-Trials. Their most recent accomplishment was winning the Alberta Scotties.

Shannon Kleibrink

Shannon has been curling at an elite level for over 30 years. She loves eggs for breakfast as way to get the protein she need weight lifting sessions.  An omelette in the morning keeps her full for hours. Her favourite product is Burnbrae Farms Simply Egg Whites for omelettes, and poached hard for regular eggs. On the off-season, she loves camping, mountain biking and golfing. She lives by the following mantra: “Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement”

Alison Kotylak

For Alison, what inspires her to strive to become a better athlete are actually her teammates and their passion for the game. On the off season, she enjoys reading, gardening and spending time with her family at their farm. Her favourite Burnbrae Farms product is Naturegg Omega 3 and Naturegg Simply Egg Whites , either scrambled or poached. Alison keeps her energy up with the protein found in eggs.

Kalynn Park

The team’s newest member, Kalynn loves crossfit, running and biking. When she’s not at the crossfit gym, she hangs out with her pugs; Stuart and Edwin.  She loves Burnbrae Farms Eggs2go! Omega 3 eggs for easy protein, on the run or Burnbrae Farms Shell Eggs , poached-medium.

The words of wisdom that inspire her are actually from a friend of hers “If you want something bad enough, the whole world will conspire to make it come true"

Sarah Wilkes

Sarah believes that you shouldn’t view your failures as just that (a failure), you should use them as a way to grow as an athlete and learn. The die-hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan (living in an Oilers nation) enjoys slo-pitch, golfing and training during off-season. Her favourite Burnbrae Farms product is Simply Egg Whites for omelettes and likes her eggs fried over easy. For Sarah, being a vegetarian is challenging to get the protein she needs to train properly, so eggs are a great way to get protein in her diet.

William Preudhomme, Montreal, Quebec - Short Track Speed Skating

William began practising Short Track Speed Skating over 11 years ago. When he started to excel at speed skating, by winning medals at provincial and national level competitions, he realised that he had potential to perform at an elite level. When it came time to select a university after high school, he chose to move to Quebec, where the regional and national training centres are to enable him to pursue skating at a higher level. He went on to make the Canadian World Junior Team and then 4 years was invited to train with the Senior National Team, has been training with them ever since.

This past year, he participated in the Canadian Open Championships and the Canadian Selections , which he won. He was also proud of making the World Cup Team for the first two World Cups of the year and representing Canada in the United-States.

Being a part of the Canadian Team, William trains on ice 10 times a week and is in the weight room 3 times a week. His favourite Burnbrae Farms product is the Omega 3 Burnbrae eggs, scrambled. He enjoys eggs for breakfast before training or hard-boiled eggs to bring to the arena as a quick snack.

William adds “Eggs are a really big part of my daily training life, they provide so many nutritional benefits and are so easy to prepare and digest before or in-between training sessions. Short Track athletes train in cycles of high intensity, where consuming the right protein and enough of it is vital to prepare us for training. Equally as important is recovering after a hard training, where consuming protein helps to rebuilding and repairing the muscles used. This is why I eat eggs pretty much every day to prepare myself for the day ahead and also to recover between trainings.”

William’s mantra is surprisingly from a Transformers movie, "No Sacrifice, No Victory"

Conlin McCabe, Victoria, BC - Rowing

Conlin is an Olympic Silver medal winner (2012) and a double Gold winner in the 2015 PanAm Games.

Conlin has been rowing on the Canadian National Team for 11 years. Two things attracted him to the sport are the opportunity to race for Canada and all of the dedicated teammates he has had over the years.

In 2016 Conlin raced in the Olympics in Rio de Janiero finishing 6 th . In 2017 he competed in one World Cup finishing 7th and the World Championships in Sarasota Florida in the Men’s Double Sculls.

He trains 6 days a week and is at the lake for first practice at 7am, then at 11 am and then a third session in the gym. On the 2-3 weeks he has off each year he cycles, mountain climbs and enjoys spending time cooking in the kitchen.

Burnbrae Farms Shell Eggs are his favourite “I always have 2 dozen in the fridge. Eggs are easy to cook and there are so many great ways to use them. As an athlete, hard boiled is portable protein that's perfect for after hard training sessions.” He adds “six egg omelettes on my cast iron pan are my go-to, with a little cheese, onion, pepper and spinach and I am ready to take on the world!”

He adds “Eggs are very nutritious; a great source of lean protein (the white) and the yolk helps with protein synthesis and muscle repair. Eggs contain choline that helps with brain function and healthy cell membranes. They are also high in B vitamins, which help the body breakdown macronutrients into energy; I need a lot of energy rowing 300km some weeks! Eggs are also a great source of antioxidants (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) very important for eye health. On top of all of these wonderful benefits Burnbrae has Omega 3 eggs. Omega-3’s fatty acids are essential for the body, you need to eat them!’

Conlin’s favourite quote is from Don Shula, the coach of the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins “The superior man blames himself, the inferior man blames others”.