June 14, 2021

Canadian Rower Jenny Casson honours her Dad on Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Pops, Fathers, Daddies and Papas out there!

Coming from someone who has the best dad in the world (no bias), Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to spoil your dad for all the unconditional love and support he has given you! So make the most of the day and fill his heart with the love you share!

If there is one thing I know for sure it is that my dad LOVES fishing. Maybe it is a dad thing, or maybe it is particular to my dad but, the tranquility of his peaceful time spent floating on the water in a little boat or canoe, enjoying the silence with a rod casting away are some of his most precious moments. It is possible that this coincides directly with not having to be in the mayhem of a household. My brother and I were known to stir up at least a little bit of trouble in the early days. We may have a huge place in his heart, but we would be silly to think that fishing is not a close second!

This Father’s Day, I chose to put together a dish in honour of the fish…that were never caught. This Salmon Broccoli Quiche with Rice Crust combines two of my father’s favourite things! A quiche with salmon! I won’t be able to whip this up for him this year, however I figured I would prepare it and give it a test try. That way, when we are together (safely) again, we can enjoy it together! I will be able to spend less time fussing over the recipe and more time catching up with my daddy-o.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. This one is for you!

Salmon Broccoli Quiche with Rice Crust:

Prep Time:          15 mins

Makes:                 4-6

Cook Time:          45 to 50 mins


-   1 ¾ cups / 425 ml packed cooked rice

-   1 cup / 250g EGG Creations! Fat Free Original or Naturegg Omega Plus, well shaken

-   ¾ cup / 175ml plain low-fat yogurt

-   2 tbsp / 30ml Dijon mustard

-   ¼ tsp / 1ml salt

-   1 can / 213g salmon, drained, broken into chunks

-   1 cup / 250ml finely chopped broccoli

-   1/3 cup / 75ml finely chopped red onion


1.  Mix rice with 3 tbsp / 45ml liquid eggs.

2.  Press mixture on the bottom and sides of a greased 9 inch / 23cm pan.

3.  Pre-heat oven to 350 C (180 F) for 10 minutes.

4.  Whisk remaining liquid egg with yogurt, mustard, and salt.

5.  Layer salmon over rice crust and then add the broccoli and onion.

6.  Pour egg mixture over the top.

7.  Bake for 35 to 40 minutes.


-   The low-fat yogurt can be replaced with 0% Greek Yogurt or 1% Cottage Cheese

-   Add ½ cup of feta cheese to the second egg mixture for a flavour boost of cheesy goodness.