Dec. 19, 2017

Naturegg Simply Egg Whites - a convenient option for lighter meals

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Have you resolved to eat better, be more active and lose weight after indulging over the holidays? If so, you’re not alone! As a Registered Dietitian, I know you’d probably love to have some simple tips and tasty recipe ideas to help you succeed. So I’m happy to collaborate with Burnbrae Farms to bring you this post about how Naturegg Simply Egg Whites are a convenient option to help you enjoy lighter protein-rich meals.

While whole eggs are definitely a naturally nutritious choice as part of a healthy eating plan, Naturegg Simply Egg Whites , made from 100% pure egg whites, are a great alternative to help you cut some calories (and fat, since egg whites are fat free).

Did you know you can save about 40 calories when you replace a large egg (53 g), that contains 70 calories, with 1/4 cup (63 g) of egg whites, providing just 30 calories. While 40 calories may not seem like much, small savings like this can add up over time.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can even use a combination of whole eggs and egg whites in most recipes. Think omelets, frittatas or in your baking. Simply substitute 1/4 cup (63 g) of egg whites (about 2 egg whites) for each large egg you want to replace.

Egg whites are also a great way to add protein to your meals with relatively few calories. They’re a good source of protein with about 7 grams of protein per 1/4 cup (63 g). Getting enough protein at each meal can help in several ways when you’re trying to lose weight.

Protein can help keep you feeling fuller for longer than carbohydrates or fat. When you’re losing weight, eating enough protein can also help you maintain your muscle while you lose fat. Plus including protein with each of your meals can help keep your blood sugar levels more stable, which in turn may help you manage your appetite and cravings.

I always like to encourage people to focus on eating real foods that are as natural as   possible. You can feel good knowing that Naturegg Simply Egg Whites are 100% real  all-natural egg whites with no added ingredients or preservatives.

Plus, since they’re pasteurized, you can safely add Naturegg Simply Egg Whites to your fruit smoothies for a boost of protein and great frothy texture.

Egg whites are also incredibly versatile and pair beautifully with all kinds of veggies and seasonings from asparagus and basil to tomatoes, thyme and zucchini.

Cooking with egg whites doesn’t get any easier! Naturegg Simply Egg Whites are ready to use and super convenient to have on hand as a staple in your fridge. Just pour and use only what you need - no need to crack and separate whole eggs or waste any egg yolks.

The good news is that getting back on track after the holidays can be easy with a few guiding principles. Remember to keep it simple, focus on real foods, eat enough protein with each meal, fill up with plenty of veggies and fruit, and enjoy a healthy balance.

Here’s to your health! Try these simple menu plan ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and let us know which you like best on our Facebook page !

Menu Plan Ideas:


This Protein Power Smoothie is a great lighter to-go breakfast option. Or enjoy this classic Grilled Vegetable Egg White Omelette on mornings when you have a little more time.


Savour this Spinach and Egg White Souffle with salad for Sunday brunch and leftovers for your weekday lunches. Serve this Egg White and Avocado Salad on open-faced toasts.


Try this Egg Salsa Wrap for a twist on tacos. Wow your family or friends with this Souffle Topped Salmon Bake , steamed new potatoes and asparagus for an elegant supper.

Pro tip: Want your weekday meals to run a bit smoother? Take some time to menu plan, shop for and prep your veggies and fruit in advance on the weekend.

Written by: Valerie Johnson, MHSc, RD