Nov. 15, 2022

Let Eggs be Part of Healthy Eating Resolutions

Health & Nutrition

If healthy eating is among your New Year resolutions, eggs are a great place to start. Adding more vegetables, fruit and whole grains is a great idea; the body also needs protein for optimal health, and eggs are a nutritious and affordable source.

Every large 53g egg provides approximately six grams of protein along with a variety of vitamins, minerals and important antioxidants like lutein. They’re low in saturated fat, sodium and carbohydrates and are only 70 calories. Also important to note that the U.S. dietary guidelines have removed former recommendations to limit the intake of cholesterol foods and now focused on healthy patterns of eating. They advise that dietary cholesterol is no longer "a nutrient of concern" so enjoy eggs for any meal occasion. Learn more .

If healthy eating and exercise are in your 2023 plans, there’s more good news. Of the three main macronutrients providing energy – protein, carbohydrates and fat – protein is the most satiating. That means research shows that people tend to feel full longer after a protein-rich meal. Eating a balanced morning meal including A couple of eggs for breakfast is a great way to keep hunger at bay until your next meal.

When it comes to fueling a healthy, active lifestyle, protein-rich foods are an essential source of energy. The egg’s high-quality protein provides the building blocks needed for healthy muscle growth and repair. Studies have shown that ample protein in the diet helps prevent muscle and bone loss as we get older.

Eggs can also be a big help in maintaining and improving digestive health. They’re usually easier on the system than some other high-protein foods and are one of the most tolerable sources of protein for the human body. Research supports the consumption of omega-3 enriched eggs as a great way to get more Omega 3 in your diet and all the associated health benefits

At Burnbrae Farms, we strive to provide healthy lifestyle solutions. Our family egg business has been dedicated to quality, health and innovation for almost 80 years. Here’s hoping we can contribute to your quest for healthier living in 2023!