Nov. 15, 2016

What’s the story behind Burnbrae’s Prestige eggs?

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Prestige is one of our more popular brands here at Burnbrae, and we’re often asked what makes Prestige eggs different from the rest of our product line. In this blog post, we’d like to share some information on the Prestige line to help you learn more about where your eggs come from.

Prestige eggs are laid by young hens that are in the peak of their production. These eggs that are laid by young hens have a firm, smooth shell and the white and yolk hold well together. They are also packed to order in our grading stations, which guarantees that they will be as fresh as possible.

When you crack open a Prestige egg, you will consistently find that they hold up well in the pan and are great for frying. As a chicken ages, the bonds that hold the egg white together can deteriorate, causing it to go runny. Random egg fact: did you know that when boiling eggs at home, use eggs that are older (closer to their code date) as they’ll be easier to peel?

We’re also proud that our Prestige eggs, like many other eggs, are such an excellent source of protein, and each 53g egg is also a source of 13 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12 and selenium. The nutritional profile of an egg is based on the hens diet – our hens are fed a diet of natural grains and other wholesome ingredients, and they have access to clean drinking water 24 hours a day.

A Prestige egg is always large – you’ll never find, for example, a medium or an extra-large egg in in a Prestige pack. White leghorn hens lay our Prestige eggs, and these hens are typically housed in a conventional or enriched housing system. To learn more about our different housing systems, click here .

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about our Prestige product – want to keep reading about what makes our eggs different? Check out our recent blog post here !