Oct. 30, 2017

The Secret behind the Flavour


With the increase of the snacking trend, Canadians across the country are on the lookout for quick, easy and nutritious snacks for the daily frenzy life brings. What better way to satisfy this need than with flavoured hard boiled eggs? These nutrient rich snacks are packed with protein – 12 g to be exact! A perfect way to feed both parents and children with no boiling, no peeling, no mess!

With that said the question we get most frequently about our hard boiled eggs here at Burnbrae Farms is how do we make them? In this post we reveal our secret to how we are able to achieve Teriyaki, Salt and Pepper, Hot Sauce and Dill flavoured Hard Boiled Eggs, so read on to find out.

(Keep your eyes “Peeled” for some delicious EGGS2go! recipes to try at home on a quiet day or on-the-go!)

We didn’t think hard boiled eggs could get any better until we created our flavoured EGGS2go! Now you can shake up your daily routine morning, noon and night with our four new flavours offered in the Deli section of grocery stores near you. It’s a healthy and delicious way to get the nutrients you need to stay on-the-go!

Our EGGS2go! Hard boiled eggs, provide a quick and easy protein-packed snack or meal anytime, anywhere. They come in our EZPeel packaging that helps to preserve and contain them for you to easily grab and go.

Just like our classic EGGS2go! Omega 3 hardboiled eggs, we treat our flavoured eggs the exact same way! Grade-A medium sized eggs are brought to either our Brockville or Winnipeg plants. They are first stored in a cold room for a process called tempering to prepare them for entry into boiling water. The eggs are then stored in coolers for a couple weeks. This is an important step since it allows for the membrane to separate from the shell making the eggs easier to peel. Once tempered, they are transferred to boiling water and then  straight into a cold water bath.  Click here to watch the process.

After that they are peeled and inspected. Our Omega 3 EGGS 2 go! carry on straight to packaging, while our flavoured EGGS 2 go! require one more step! They are marinated with one of our four flavours and then packaged to be shipped to your favourite local grocery retailer. Click here for a more detailed description of our prepared egg process.

Who would have thought that one simple step would create a whole new delicious egg?! But that is exactly what we did. There’s no mystery here, just a delicious marinade for our eggs!

These flavoured eggs will put a twist on old recipes and allow for creative new recipes to emerge! Use them to make egg salad, avocado toast, energy bowls and so much more. Check out our websites recipe section here for creative ideas for easy, delicious meal solutions.

There you have it; the secret is out on how we created our protein-packed flavoured hard boiled eggs. We guarantee that they are Egg-ceptionally good. REAL EGGS. REAL EASY.