Good and Ready

Our prepared egg snacks are good to go whenever you are. Get a step-by-step walkthrough of our hard-boiled egg process here.


Eggs from Farms

Eggs come to us from local family farms including our own. Canada Grade A medium eggs are used in the hard-boiling process. Grocery stores sell mainly large and extra large eggs.


The eggs are stored, conditioned and appropriately aged. This process allows time for the membrane to separate from the shell, which makes the egg easier to peel.

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For the separation process, flats of eggs are lifted with gentle suction cups onto a moving conveyor belt. The eggs were thoroughly washed and candled before arriving at the plant.

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From the conveyor belt, the eggs are sent through our cooking process and boiled to perfection.

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Peeling and Checking

The eggs are chilled to stop the cooking process and then sent through counter current rollers for peeling with water and friction. The shell naturally falls off and the eggs are subsequently inspected to ensure they are naturally formed.

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The eggs are chilled once more, vacuum-sealed into our convenient two-pouch pillow packs and then boxed.

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Storage & Shipping

Our eggs have passed inspection! The EGGS2go!  hard-boiled snack packs are stored in a temperature-controlled cooler until they’re loaded onto refrigerated trucks to begin their journey to grocery stores and businesses.

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