Crackin’ Away

This is where our cracked eggs come out of their shell and into your local grocery store. Find all you need to know about our ready to cook carton eggs.


Eggs from Farms

Eggs come to us from local family farms including our own. Medium and small eggs are also included in the breaking process as shell eggs sold in grocery stores are mainly large and extra large.


The process begins when flats of eggs are lifted with gentle suction cups onto a moving conveyor belt.

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The eggs are thoroughly washed and rinsed.

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Now the clean eggs are ready for inspection. This process is called candling and involves a strong light that’s used to inspect the condition of the shell and looking for any irregularities in the egg.

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Breaking the Eggs

The eggs are broken and, depending on the product, the yolks and whites are either separated or blended together.

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Through the pasteurization process, the eggs are heated to eliminate any harmful bacteria. Egg Creations are mixed with the appropriate ingredients beforehand, while Naturegg Simply Egg Whites go straight to pasteurization.

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The eggs are packaged into convenient gable top cartons.

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Storage & Shipping

The cracked eggs have passed inspection! Egg Creations and Naturegg Simply Egg Whites are stored in a temperature-controlled cooler until they’re loaded onto refrigerated trucks to begin their journey to grocery stores and businesses.

Making the Grade

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Good and Ready

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Our Eggs

Once an egg has passed the grade, it's ready to enjoy. Just like these products.

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